Nerdist Delivers Marvel-Specific Variation Of Jaden Smith's "Icon" Music Video

Son of a legend, Jaden Smith, blows up the Internet with over 100 million Spotify streams from his recent release of “Icon.”  Will Smith celebrated this monumental moment by releasing a parody of Jaden’s ‘Icon’ music video.  “It is a Delicious Gift to a Parent to Admire his children.  Keep Doing’ You,” says the legend.

In celebration of Black Panther’s theatrical release this week, expecting to gross at least $150 million, we receive another parody but from Nerdist.  This time around it was a Marvel-specific variation of the 19-year-old rapper’s SYRE aesthetic.  

According to Nerdist, Jaden and T’Challa have much more in common than simply their famous dads. They both “take down their haters, and dance like Michael.”

Watch Nerdist’s “Icon” parody