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  #TREFLIFE Update: After finding out recently that our historical #BlackWallStreet was no longer owned by “Black people” (people of African descent) and that there is a trail of suspicious loans and title changes associated with the properties ever since 1983 and after multiple claims of mismanagement by local residents and tenants of these historical buildings... We have decided to reclaim our ancestral legacy and BUY BACK BLACK WALL STREET!!! A formal purchase agreement with a $1,000,000 cash offer was presented to the #TulsaDevelopmentAuthority (TDA) and the #GreenwoodChamberOfCommerce last Wednesday, August 1st with a request for formal reply by the end of the business day today. Our founder @MrJayMorrison and his partner @MrsErnestineMorrison will be in Tulsa, Ok this Friday hosting a town hall to address protecting our ancestral legacy and reclaiming these historical properties our ancestors died for. Our vision is to restore this legendary district and to highlight it as an international historical designation and Black Business “Mecca”. Stay tuned for updates... History in the making.

#TREF #ThePeoplesFund #OwnOrBeOwned ✊🏿🏦✊🏿

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