Lil Wayne Gets Violent at a "STOP THE VIOLENCE" Event

Its been reported this past Sunday night a minor brawl went down in St. Louis at a "Stop The Violence" charity basketball event. Who started all the violence?? Young Money's coach Lil Wayne. It was reported Wayne had spit on the referee, for What he felt was an over use of his whistle against His squad! Young Money took on a team coached by the event promoter Loose Cannon Slim.

A Video obtained by TMZ shows Wayne running up on ref. clearing his bench with his crew after the ref we all know they weren't trying to talk. The Ref. wisely walks away into the crowd. Wayne ends up walking away. You can hear the crowd chant stop the violence. Police were called to report an assault, the cops responded but no one was obtained! Durttyzzz A small reminder it's easy to succumb to anger and violence,  Grow beyond your outlashed frustrations, try on a new point of view!