New Single: Laryss feat Baby Bash - Ride

Born and raised in Houston Texas, LaRyss is a young 20-year-old
undiscovered Pop Sensation! If asked when her love affair with
music began, LaRyss will tell you “I basically came out of the
womb singing and never shut up”. LaRyss spent nearly every
waking moment of her childhood engulfed in music, whether
it was singing at church, home or in her schools Choir and
Musical Theater programs. These programs are what allowed
her to discover her infatuation with performing and helped
her to appreciate all genres and types of music, showing her
that its beauty lays in its versatility. Her family, having seen
this passion and love for singing present throughout her entire
life, supported her in following her heart to pursue music as a
career. She knew that nothing could fulfill her as a person and
make her truly happy the way singing does, so she decided not
to attend fashion school as she had planned to after her high
school graduation and instead devote all her time and energy
toward making a name for herself in the music industry.

LaRyss is of Hispanic/American descent with a very exotic but
edgy look- Fire red hair, sun kissed skin and killer fashion sense.
She possesses a soulful quality in her voice and her music draws
on big pop vocal vibes and production with influences from just
about every genre.

LaRyss created her first studio sounds with H Town’s
engineering master, Bruce Bang and two producers known as
The Problem Solvers whom are signed with Jas Prince’s label
Young Empire Music Group. Her recent single ‘RIDE’ (featuring
Baby Bash) is a result of their great creative chemistry.
Presently she is working on an upcoming summer project at
Office Studios with renowned producer Steve O Valdez whom
has worked with artists such as, Miguel, Lil Wayne, Frankie J
and Kerri Hilson. LaRyss says her passion stems from the power
that music has to truly move people emotionally. She feeds
off her audience’s energy and connects with them to produce
something that they can all relate to. “I want to be known as
an artist that is REAL, an artist who people feel like they can
connect to on a personal level, and more importantly, whose
music understands and speaks to them in every wave length of
life’s ups and downs”.

LaRyss coming from Houston, Texas gives us another single off of her project, coming off of her Tribiute to Selena this is a great follow up record that sounds like she is definetly a ride or die chick. Her voice is very dominate on this recrod in declaring her position as the one that will ride for that special someone.

Check out the full song and purchase it on iTunes below.