I love New York star "Tiffany Pollard" stands Corrected By the doctors of [Botched]


[Tiffany Pollard] 33, aka "New York" from "Flavor of Love" hates her breast. NewYork had a ridiculously huge boob implant job before her spinoff show. Having her first job done in Beverly Hills, her doctor assured her she can go as big as she like. New York, always having a dream of looking like the black "Dolly Parton" went there! In the end she says  "I felt cheated"  revealing her right breast firm as can be and her left breast which hung super saggy. An Odd pair of jugs if ya ask me, "Dr. Terry Dubrow" & " Dr.Paul Nassif" of [Botched] called it a significant breast deformity. While visiting with the Doctors they also recommend that Tiffany fix her deviated septum as well. No stranger to surgery, New York is excited and ready for her new work, a word she seems allergic to! Waving her wand and requesting they "Treat me like a princess," in her words. Durttyzzz The old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"