Chris Johnson talking with NFL Teams, for hopeful comeback


[Chris Johnson], 29, Can You believe he is already preparing to return to a "NFL" Field. After being shot in the shoulder in a drive-by that occurred a month ago. "TMZ" sources report Chris was asked to leave his friends funeral by an angry family member. "CJ2K" respectfully walks away, but the late  "Dreekius Johnson" mother asked him to stay. The running back going through a healing process emotionally and physically, recieves a form of good news  "CJ2K" doctor gives him a release, Doc feels he's ready to return. Released from the Jets Chris is a free agent? However, Johnson is still gaining the interest of other teams. Johnson's training was with Jay Glazer before the Shooting, receive's love from Jay after the incident went down saying he's not a bad guy just in the wrong place at the wrong time!  Chris Johnson Working hard to make a 2015 Roster. CJ2K Make sure you stay clear of danger zones.  Blesssing's along the way.