Step in the Ring and Mouth it out Atlanta!


Who Leads the [WestCoast Battle League?] Very Similar to #BattleGround Hosted by DurttyBoyz on Hot107.9Atl I happen to stumbled across a station on YouTube which had my attention for most the day! While doing some "Durtty" laundry (winks), I became hooked to this station AHAT (All Hip All The Time) Battle Rap. Goooo Subscribe folks! Trending right now is the WestCoast Founder/Owner of AHAT.Tv, and Las Vegas 88.1FM's very own humble On-Air Personality, Mr.OD. You can follow him on twitter @Od702! For seven years strong, OD has been arranging Ill WestCoast RapBattles, including an epic battle that received over 10 million views on YouTube! Celebrating their anniversary in Las Vegas on April 11th I'm sure he's piecing Ill Battles as I Write! With one of the Hottest Battle Leagues, Holding down the West, Extending his divisions across the coast with dreams of being the the Walmart of all Battle Leagues!  Underground "Durtty" battles go down! All Battler's rhythm with the same mission, bury their competition, and hustle for they name sake! With Od looking to the future of Battle Rap he hopes to be flipping battles with Annual Tournaments! He shared, Ahat wasn't looking to be a battle league, but bringing in much success, he ran w/ it! In Love with this Raw talent. It's Like a boxing match, when it's through they pound gloves and show love like champs at Heart! Can't wait to blog about the Battle "Durtty" style. ATL hope your reading!! A Division has been Opened for you to! 

What HipHop/Rap to me?? A Verbal Art, structured from Pain, Movement & Growth Proving at some point we're all relatable! 

Alanta Who got Bars???  A Division Created just for you!