WATCH: Los Angeles officer kills homeless man [Caught On Camera]

Another senseless fatality on Lapd's hands! A homeless man known as Africa resident to Skidrow identity still unknown, lost his life on 03/01/15 mid afternoon after struggling with several officers. Tased repeatedly Lapd officers claim he was reaching for an officers weapon during the confortation, Which lead up to this homeless man's death after being shot several times! Body cameras were worn by two officers which are currently under review! Skidrow located in Downtown La is known for their sums of homeless! So with the incident happening Mid-day several of witness's were capable of recording the situation, causing it to go viral! You can find it on YouTube ! The viticm was said to have had a mental illness and was not handled accordingly! I'm sure a extensive trial will be held to reveal the truth in this tragedy! I honestly don't wanna hear Lapd justify another Mistake had on their behalf! So watch for yourself... and then ask yourself did it have to end the way it did???!

Staff EditorCalifornia