Explains it All: 'Mortal Man' The M.a.d.d [KENDRICK LAMAR] Latest Album "To Pimp A Butterfly"

"To pimp a butterfly" Dropped early Sunday night, a week before its scheduled release date on March 23. Had the fans scrambling for Artist "Kendrick Lamar" newest album, 16 songs strong! The first few tracks gave me a 2015 Madd 'Suga Free' ending with a the Madd Knowledable late 'Tupac'! My go to tracks Are all 16... but my Top Three are [Wesley Theory], [King Kunta], [The Blacker the Berry] 'Kendrick' so WestCoast Reppin! Funked up Spoken word Poetic Flows, 'Kendrick' gave us some non apologetic truth on this current album which was released March 15 a week early! 'Lamar', Shares the album is "honest, fearful and unapologetic" in the cover story of the new issue of Rolling Stone.


"Compton" native, 'Kendrick Lamar' 27, Young, educated and Uber talented Flexing on the Industry, Community and Goverment a real N.W.A!! It's time to Get out the gym y'all, hit a pen an a pad this Kidd is Truly Madd!  Pharrell Williams praises it by calling it “unapologetically black.” Producer Mark “Sounwave” Spears says It’s just him expressing how he’s feeling at the moment,"“And right now, he’s Madd!" Yo Durttyz lets Make sure we 'Purchase' an support our Brotha!!