Which Love & Hip Hop Star Confirms Everything is Scripted

Joseline Hernandez recently appeared before an attorney to give her deposition as to what occurred the day she attacked Althea Eaton on the Love & Hip Hop Reunion. Althea who is Benzino's girlfriend was kicked off the show last fall along with Benzino, is still moving forward with the Civil lawsuit she brought against Hernandez. 

TMZ recently obtained video that shows the Puerto Rican Princess stating it's all an act. Althea commented on Joseline's deposition

"I saw the whole four hours," Althea said in an interview at Benzino's Hip-Hop Weekly offices this week. (Professional, she goes by Althea Heart.) "I had my wine and popcorn. It was like a movie. She didn't answer one question."

Are we really surprised that reality TV is scripted? However, I don't think that Joseline wanting to drag Althea all around the stage was anywhere in the script.