Bobbi Kristina Remains Hospitalized

Bobbi Kristina still remains on life support in Emory Hospital located in Atlanta. Since being admitted on January 31 there has yet to be a clear story as to what happened the day Bobbi was found in the bathtub. In the days after her hospitalization, there has been family feuds left to right; starting with her aunt and cousin fighting in a restaurant where cops had to be called, to some of Bobby Brown's family not being able to visit the young daughter of Whitney Houston. 

The family drama doesn't stop there, some sources say the only reason Bobbi Kristina has not been taken off of life support is because they're disputing who should get Bobbi's fortune that she inherited from her late mother, Whitney Houston in the amount of $12Million.

Wait there's more, Nick Gordon & Bobby Brown are at each others neck. According to Bobby Brown's lawyer, Chris Brown, Gordon has not been cooperative with Police Officials in providing adequate information as to the events that led to the medical emergency therefore there's no reason to talk to him anymore about giving him a hospital visit. Gordon took to his twitter and had this to say about that

Nick Gordon is claiming he spoke to Officials without a lawyer and clearly no charges have been made. Gordon continued his twitter rant alleging Bobby Brown has only seen is daughter 4 times in the last 5 years.

I really hope this family get's it together, the money has turned this situation into greed, deception and violence all while Bobbi Kristina is on life support.