After spending more than 6 weeks at NYC's notorious Rikers Island correctional facility, Brooklyn sensation Bobby Shmurda has finally managed to regain his freedom, even if it's just for a brief period of time.  

According to his lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery, the 20-year-old rapper's $2 million bail was posted on Friday, January 30th, by renowned celebrity bail bondsman, Ira Judelson.  Judelson has acquired a vast amount of celebrity clients over the years, who have all sought out his assistance in posting bail for their various charges.  Among the many big names, Judelson has posted bail for the likes of DMX, Ja Rule and many more over the years.

Shmurda's bail package will now be reviewed by the city and a decision will be made within 72 hours to determine if Bobby will have to appear in court to address the terms of his release.  Mr. Montgomery stated, "If the city is playing fair, there will be no need for a hearing."

Mr. Judelson worked out the terms of Bobby's bail with his "management associates," who provided property as a form of collateral to make up for the finances that he put forth to free young Shmurda.  Interestingly enough, despite having signed the young rapper and releasing his debut EP in November, Shmurda's label, Epic Records, did not get involved in the process of working with Judelson in order to free their artist.  Epic has yet to release a statement addressing their neglect of Bobby during this tough time.  

Shmurda and his many GS9 associates who were arrested alongside him all face a breathtaking total of 101 charges, after 32 new ones were tacked on during their Supreme Court arraignment in Manhattan on Thursday, January 29th.  Despite being freed from Rikers on the $2 million bail, Bobby is currently being held at the Manhattan Detention Complex, a.k.a. "The Tombs."  He is expected to be completely freed in the near future.

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