Is Beyonce softening up to Kim Kardashian?

Well it was a busy weekend in New York City. From NBA AllStar weekend to New York Fashion Week. While everyone was so fixated on North West and her tantrums and why Kim Kardashian always brings her kid to almost everything. Let me be clear about this and the whole Kim acting like North is an accessory; Kim carried that child, Kim birthed that child so if she wishes to carry around with her child then that is her damn business. If she wasn't with her child then that would be a topic of conversation. 

So back to what I was fixated on, Beyonce finally posted Kim on the gram. Although, she didn't mention Kim and it was obvious she posted it only because little Nori was in the picture. I am going to go out on a hunch and say that, that's Beyonce's way of saying "we cool but we ain't that cool"! So many rumors going around the past few years that Beyonce wants nothing to do with Kim Kardashian and her thirsty attention ways, but the Bey realized that eventually she's going to have to put her feelings aside for her husbands sake. 

Bow Down to you Queen Bey for being the bigger person in the situation!!!

- Myling